What Marketing Trends Are Shaping the Travel Industry?

From mobile-first to social amplification, these are the marketing trends shaping the travel industry.

August is a bumper travel time, with many consumers booking holidays to exotic locations and city trips, to treat themselves during the summer months.

To coincide with this consumer focus on the travel industry, we’re shining a spotlight on it from a customer experience and marketing perspective.

With $1.3 trillion in revenues in 2015, the global travel market is more rewarding than ever before and we want you to be able to extract the most value from the available opportunities.

We’re talking to experts from the likes of Rynair and Virgin Atlantic to uncover their challenges, the predicted trends for 2016 and what makes working within travel unique compared to other sectors, and we’re sharing news, stats and visuals from the industry.

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The attached infographic (preview below) delves into the following trends:

  • Mobile makes content creation a new priority
  • The silent traveller plans ahead, but never talks to you
  • Consumers view OTA metasearch an efficient way to get a quick view of the market
  • It's all about social amplification
  • Mobile-first disrupts traditional travel institutions

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