Top 10 Tips to Improve Customer Experience

We all know that delivery a great customer experience should be a top priority in any business. As a business owner or decision maker, it is essential to take all measures possible to ensure a great customer experience and always look for ways to improve it. Here are our top 10 tips to improve customer experience.

1. Make customer experience priority in all levels of your company

Create a company document stating what a great customer experience is and how important is for the success of your company. Spread this document around the company and make it a must read for every new employee.

2. Train your staff

The key to delivery a great customer service and experience is to train your employees to make the customer's experience at the heart of everything that they do. Whether it is on the phone, or face to-face this should be central to every employee's role. By enhancing your employees' skills and training them, they will improve how they interact with your customers. Incentives such as bonuses or commissions can help employees to delivery a great service and feel rewarded for doing so. Remember this fundamental formula: happy employees = happy customers!

3. Listen to your customers

Ask your customers questions in order to understand how they got to know your brand and products, how often and how they buy it and ask for feedback. By getting to know your customers you can use their feedback and ideas to improve their experience and respond to their concerns.

4. Focus on product knowledge

In addition to training your staff in how to successfully deliver a great customer experience, it is extremely important to ensure they have a deep knowledge of your products. Your staff are the ambassadors of your brand and knowing your product inside out is a must!

5. Give something for nothing

How do you feel when you get something for free? You feel great, don't you?! So do your customers. Reserve a percentage of your budget to give free products or services away and you will add value to your brand and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

6. Understand your customer journey

By focusing on the whole customer journey across multiple touch points, you can build a real competitive advantage and differentiate your brand from competitors. Understanding your customer journey gives you greater insight into your customer's needs and expectations. This will allow you to know exactly how to react or or pre-empt the desires of your customers, whilst improving processes and services.

7. Engage your customers

Make use of social media channels to embrace your customers by making them feel part of your community. Real-time communication with your customers on social media is a great tool to engage. You can host webinars, online events and offer discounts to show your appreciation (Have a look at the whitepaper on Integrating the Contact Centre Within Your Omni-Channel Strategy).

8. Encourage your customers to share

We all know how important social media became and how much people love spending time on social media channels. We all love sharing! Encourage your customers to share your content and products, the best way is to implement continuous user generated content campaigns. Your customers are ambassadors of your brand and user generated content can be a great tool for word-of-mouth and brand awareness.

9. Add emotion

Building a rapport or relationship when you are in front of a customer can make life much easier but how do you do it in an online space? Without a human element it can be difficult to build a strong relationship and interact. Ensuring your online "personality" reflect your brand will only further engage your customers. You can use tools such as live chat, add images of your team in the online space , send birthday greetings and promotions and remember their preferences. All these measures should help you to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

10. Offer personalised service

Knowing your customers and delivering tailored marketing campaigns will help to improve customer experience. You will make them that you care about them and they will feel special! Unique experiences are extremely important and help to increase brand retention.