Takeaways From BuzzFeed's 'Honest' Call Centre Employees Video

Employees in the new video are far from engaged, how can you ensure that this does not happen in your contact centre?

BuzzFeed has published a new video in which contact centre employees are being ‘honest’ about their feelings towards customers on the phone. While they’re all bright-smiled and look like the perfect customer service representatives, there isn’t a sparkle in their eyes and what they’re saying is the exact opposite of the cheerful tone they express it in.

Gems include: "I know how long you’ve been holding and I don’t care", "I’m going to tell you the issue is resolved, so I can go on break", "I wasn’t sorry you were on hold for five minutes, I was hoping you’d hang up" and "This job has made me dead inside".

What the full video below:

How can you ensure that your employees do care about what happened that made the customer contact you in the first place, rather than them silently wishing they were ‘dead inside’?

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