Morrisons Launches Bonus Scheme to Improve Customer Satisfaction

The supermarket chain is rewarding its employees for providing a better customer service.

Providing a great customer service is a vital part of any business, but how can you ensure that the service you provide is as good as possible?

Morrisons has come up with a way to encourage employees to up their customer service game and go above and beyond to deliver a fantastic experience.

The fourth biggest grocer in the UK is re-launching its staff bonus scheme in March 2016, which will see employees rewarded based on customer satisfaction levels.

In addition, it will also take into consideration each store’s performance during the financial year, as well as include a share of the company’s profit.

This is the first time that customer satisfaction and store-level performance have been taken into account when calculating the bonus, which can be up to three per cent of each individual’s gross annual earnings.

And the bonus based on customer satisfaction levels isn’t only reserved for those employees working in the grocer’s stores.

Logistics sites will see their final bonus amount depend on deliveries reaching store on time. And those working on food manufacturing sites will have to maintain high product quality levels, which will also be measured by the feedback of customers.

Emily Lawson, Group HR Director at Morrisons, said: "Customer service is so important to Morrisons.

"We have changed the bonus scheme so that staff can influence their reward by using their judgement to deliver the best possible customer service."