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Posted: 07/03/2017
Infographic: Connecting the customer data dots
A visual insight into the rising influence of customer insight and data in today’s customer experience landscape Customer insight and data have become an imperative part of customer experience (CX) strategies. With rising customer expectations and an increasing demand for a quicker service, more channel choice and highly personalised interactions, Full Content »
Contributor: Martin Anderson
Posted: 06/21/2017
As far as Machine Learning is concerned, it's definitely the way that you say it Full Content »
Posted: 05/11/2017
customer insight survey
We're currently researching the role of customer insight & data in today's customer experience landscape – and we'd love your input.Are you enhancing your CX strategy using big data software and systems? Do you have a data and insights oriented culture within your organisation? Let us know in the survey below! Full Content »
Posted: 05/01/2017
Creating a Customer-Centric Culture Supported by Data-Driven Insights
Customer-centricity is a key part of driving customer experience excellence, but how can data-driven insights help deliver CX success? A company’s culture informs its every effort, from marketing, customer experience and outreach to the ways in which internal departments work together. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s imperative t Full Content »
Contributor: Kirsty Traill
Posted: 04/24/2017
Are You Making the Most From Your Customers’ Feedback?
Whether you realise it or not, your business is rich with customer insight that can be used in a multitude of ways. Customers interact with your business across a variety of different touch-points, each offering a unique viewpoint of what they would like improved, and how to can deliver on their expectations. Use this data to improve the customer e Full Content »
Posted: 03/30/2017
How Aviva Utilises Big Data to Drive Customer-Centricity
Jonathan Mansley is the Head of Data, Analytics & Insight at Aviva. In a presentation at the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange he spoke about what makes good customer insight – and how big data helps with that. Including the biggest insight challenges and why you need to have data-centricity as part of your DNA to be customer-centric. W Full Content »
Posted: 03/23/2017
BBVA Compass Customer Interactions
Kristin Julbert is the Director Client Experience at BBVA Compass. In an interview at the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services: US, she spoke about:The challenges of measuring and improving the quality of customer interactionsThe elements of a great metrics strategy to turn insights into actionThe role of digital in a consumer-driven Full Content »
Posted: 03/16/2017
Royal Bank of Scotland Insight Changing Customer Behaviours
Lee Wilson is in charge of Strategic Analytics, Always on Marketing, and Customer Decisioning at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). In an interview at the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange she spoke about:How RBS tackles the challenge of changing customer behavioursThe fundamental importance of data analytics for customer interactionHow they’re Full Content »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: 03/08/2017
QVC Strategy Customer
Interview with QVC’s Head of Strategic Insight and Reporting about customer-centricity and how insight, data & analytics is helping them achieve this. Patrick Osborne is the Head of Strategic Insight and Reporting at QVC. He has been working with customer data, insight & analytics since 1993, and has developed his career following the incr Full Content »
Posted: 02/14/2017
CX TALK King Data Science Customer Insight
Vince Darley is the Chief Scientist at King, the games company behind the popular Candy Crush Saga. At the Customer Insight and Analytics Exchange he held an insightful presentation on their learnings throughout the years when it comes to leveraging data to gain in-depth customer insight. They’ve seen tremendous growth very rapidly, which came wit Full Content »
Contributor: Tania Silva-Jones
Posted: 02/07/2017
RBS Data Analytics Customer Insight
Lee Wilson works on strategy analytics, marketing and customer decisioning at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). In an interview at the Customer Insight and Analytics Exchange she spoke about:Understanding and adapting to the changing face of customer needs and behavioursThe importance of data and analytics in the banking industryTools that have helped Full Content »
90 results
of 9