How customer experience practices have driven two years of transformation in approximately four months at Nissan Motor Co.

Hussein M. Dajani of Nissan Motor Co. speaks with CX Network on how the global motor company has applied and analytics to manage accelerated customer experience in a time of crisis

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Ahead of his session at CXN Live: Customer Data, Insights and Analytics, Hussein M. Dajani, general manager of digital and CX transformation at Nissan Motor Co. in Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey reflects on the lessons he has learned in his 18year career which included building a digital agency from scratch before finally ending up in his current role with Nissan. The year 2020 so far has been full of learnings, especially because as a result of Covid-19 Dajani estimates that Nissan has undergone two years’ worth of CX transformation in the last four months.

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Tech stack tips for good data management

Today’s companies have more data in their repositories than ever before, but, Dajani notes, they often struggle to glean the actionable insights to fully utilize the data’s value.

In regards the tools needed to access the full value of customer data, Dajani acknowledges there are a number of data management and analytics technologies surfacing in the market but one of the unmissable ingredients for a tech stack is a solid data management platform (DMP) and data warehouse. The selection and implementation of the right data management platforms with the right partners has been instrumental to Nissan facilitating good data practices and in turn high quality customer experiences.

“Setting up a DMP and data warehouse is extremely important for an organization,” notes Dajani. “This helps not only with gathering customer data but also applying it when we want to focus on our marketing campaigns, providing a 360 degree view of customers”

Good data practices and data visibility will give brands a clearer picture of their customers’ priorities, profiles, needs and wants. This intelligence will help them to provide more targeted services and products as well as more empathetic customer care, which Dajani maintains will be a strong CX trend going forward. “Empathy will play a very big role in organizations,” explains Dajani. “Really understanding your customers and speaking their language will be very important in delivering the right message, to the right person and at the right time.”

Obtaining buy-in for data and analytics projects

One of the primary challenges encountered when attempting to enhance data practices is proving the ROI of data projects to executives. Dajani maintains that when building business cases to obtain executive buy-in, CX practitioners must ensure their arguments are rooted in data and statistics that directly prove the benefits of customer data initiatives. Remember, financial benefits and forecasts rooted in data will have the most weight in boardrooms.

To hear more of Dajani’s insights and advice on customer data and gain a better understanding of how Nissan are excelling in this area, attend Dajani’s session at CXN Live: Customer Data, Insights and Analytics.