New Facebook Feature Makes Customer Service Faster

Facebook is testing "saved replies", which allows page admins to quickly respond to messages from fans and customers.

With the rise of social media as a prominent element of the customer service journey, it doesn't come as a surprise that the social giants are capitalising on this trend by ensuring that companies can indeed deliver a fantastic customer experience - preferably as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

In March, Facebook announced Messenger for Business, allowing customers to reach out to companies via the Messenger app, which is used by 600 million people worldwide. Offering customers chat support was nothing new and neither was communicating with them on social channels; combining the two was.

Not wanting to be left behind, Twitter soon followed suit with enhancements to its own messaging feature: Direct Messaging. While at first someone had to follow you before you could send them a private message, the platform has now opened up this function so you can have a private conversation with people that you aren't mutual Twitter friends with.

This doesn't quite mean that businesses are able to private message everyone on the social media platform, as users do have to have this function enabled in their settings, but it does open up the possibility to provide customer experience excellence.

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Now it has emerged that Facebook has gone one step further to make it even easier for brands to provide a swift and painless customer service to their fans and followers; the MyTechSkool blog has discovered that some business pages are now able to access "saved replies".

This allows the page admin to respond very quickly to queries with a saved message, and they will even be personalised by including the recipient's name as well as that of the sender. The feature is in a test phase for now, but once rolled out this speedy option of helping customers is a welcome one in the age of the Millennials, who generally don't have time and patience to sit around waiting for an answer to an issue or a query.

Millennials want an on-demand service and this new Facebook feature can definitely be a step in the right direction.