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Posted: 07/20/2017
How TM Lewin’s is improving their CX through multi-channel
Keith Nesbitt is the Chief Operating Officer of tailoring chain TM Lewin. In a presentation at the Customer Experience Exchange for Retail he spoke about the opportunities of implementing multi-channel customer initiatives to maximise the In-store experience and how they’re planning to improve their customer experience by keeping multi-channel fro Full Content »
Posted: 05/10/2017
The Customer Experience Buyer’s Guide 2017
Your ultimate resource to the key CX investment areas for 2017 and how to make the most from your vendor partnerships. There is no denying that in 2017 for organisations to stay ahead of their competitors and differentiate themselves within the market, they need to focus on providing an excellent customer experience. But while some elements of a C Full Content »
Contributor: Ernan Roman
Posted: 04/10/2017
Experiences Not Channels to Engage with Customers
Marketing expert and blogger Ernan Roman discusses why omni-channel is an important part of the overall customer experience, but that contact channels aren’t the end goal: an excellent experience is. “You can’t have your channels competing against one another… The goal is to get your organisation as a whole to work toward overall revenue optimisat Full Content »
Posted: 01/24/2017
Omni-Channel Experience CenterPoint Energy
Gregory Knight is the SVP & Chief Customer Officer at CenterPoint Energy. At the Executive Customer Contact Exchange US he held a presentation around the omni-channel experience at the company. He talks about the journey at CenterPoint Energy from the importance of VOC to a new predictive and proactive IVR service, and how social media ties int Full Content »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: 11/28/2016
Customer Insight Data Analytics Multi-Channel Contact Centre
We are in a new age of the contact centre. We’re living in a multi-channel world where the customer has never been more vocal and digital channels provide a platform for constant feedback – both positive and negative. But what does this new environment mean for quality assurance (QA)? How do you define quality in this fast-paced digital age and ge Full Content »
Posted: 09/05/2016
Multi-Channel Connecting Customers to a Deeper Conversation
How to communicate through multiple channels for greater engagement and retention. In our digital age there has been a lot of talk about the importance of engaging with your customers on their preferred communication channel. But there has also been limited clarity on how to proceed in a way that both simplifies your efforts and best leverages your Full Content »
Contributor: Tania Silva-Jones
Posted: 08/09/2016
eBay Key Elements For a Great Customer Service Strategy
Jean-Marc Codsi is the VP Global Customer Experience at eBay Inc. At the Executive Customer Contact Exchange UK he was interviewed about:The three key elements of a great customer service strategy; innovation, consistency and simplicityHow to stay ahead of the disruptors within the retail industryCreating a customer base that is loyal and trust the Full Content »
Contributor: Annette Franz
Posted: 07/20/2016
Impact of Partnership on Omni-Channel Customer Experience
CX expert Annette Franz asks: Are you considering all of your channels when you think about the omni-channel experience? A couple months ago, I wrote about improving the omni-channel experience to reduce customer effort. In my closing statement, I mentioned that I'd write about a channel that you may not think about when you’re making the transiti Full Content »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: 07/14/2016
Three UK's Multi-Channel Transformation Programme
Trudie Fell is the Head of Development for Multi Channel Transformation Programme at Three UK. At the CEM Telecoms Global summit in London she spoke about the complicated customer journeys and interactions within the telecoms industry, the impact on the customer experience and how Three UK’s multi-channel transformation programme helped create a j Full Content »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: 07/06/2016
customer service, contact centre, outsourcing, case studies, interviews
The customer service technology, tools and processes have evolved tremendously, accelerating in the last few years, and so have the requirements for your people. But what have been the biggest changes in recent years? And how will this continue to develop? In this report we look at the developments on the people side of customer service (such as ou Full Content »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: 06/30/2016
customer journey mapping
Jan Heyens is the Director Retail Transformation of Mobistar. At the CEM Telecoms Global Summit in London, he presented a session on moving from a sales-centric to a service-centric retail model, and how digital and omni-channel play a part in this. Watch the full presentation below. Full Content »
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