Best practices when outsourcing contact center services

CX Network

Despite the proliferation of contact channels available to customers nowadays, call centers haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, they’re only growing in popularity and expanding into full fledged contact centers that are no longer solely manning the phone lines but interact with customers through a variety of other touch points too.

Outsourcing has gone hand in hand with call centers for decades. Whether for budgetary reasons entirely, to provide a better service or to reap efficiency gains, many organizations have opted for outsourcing their call center function at one point or another.

But as the call center has evolved into a contact center, where other channels of customer communication (such as web chat and social media) are aggregated within the customer service team, how has this impacted the outsourcing industry? What are the biggest advantages to outsourcing nowadays? And what best practices should organizations consider when going down this route?

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