The positive economics of customer engagement

CX Network

The premise of this whitepaper is bold, it connects customer engagement with hard economic benefit.

Many organisations have failed to find the secret formula to justify new investments to focus on customer engagement and loyalty activities.

This whitepaper identifies four of the top outcomes of customer engagement that can be measured in dollars. These outcomes are simple to understand; realistic to execute, support, and measure; and offer solid results with high impact.

Download this whitepaper and learn about the top four economic measurements of engaged customers based on high impact and solid results. These include:

  1. Share of wallet – Engaged people buy more products/services
  2. Positive referral – Engaged customers convert potential customers to switch
  3. Churn – Engaged people stay longer
  4. Feedback Response – Engaged people give more feedback, which in turn gives you the opportunity to address issues and concerns and preserve potentially lost revenue