Trend Report: Customer experience in EMEA

Research on localised customer experience trends distinct to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Market segmentation

If brands want to craft personalised experiences that are relevant to customers, they should consider the geographic context of their target market.

Humans in general are indeed more similar than they are different, however if a company intends to meet the expectations of customers in a certain location, it should be aware of any regional tastes that may exist.

CX Network’s Advisory Board member Emmanuel Obadia, VP of Marketing at Oracle maintains that geographic context is a necessity for personalising customer experiences.  “One major ingredient of what makes an individual is where he or she lives and that materialises in different form factors.  If you do not factor in the location, its customs, regulations, compliance rules and specific business landscape, you’re out of context and may sound very distant from the customer, which is not what you want.”

Here a research group of EMEA based CX practitioners help CX Network map-out trends that are distinct to Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

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This 13-page report offers actionable insights. By reading this report you will learn:

  • Why the geographic context of customers could unlock a competitive edge for your company.
  • How to personalise experiences so you can delight your customers based in EMEA
  • How local languages and dialects influence customer satisfaction levels
  • Methods to determine how the customer journey is impacted by region.
  • Multi-sensory experiences and other tech-centric features that are redefining the customer experience
  • Return on investment with customer experience programmes
  • Digital transformation and interoperability 
  • Voice of the customer and customer analytics

Read success stories and case studies from CX leaders: Renault, Oracle, Starbucks, Allianz, Co-Op insurance, Dubai Smart Government, IPSOS and Kenya Airways.

Understanding how your customers interact with your products and services within different cultures can make or break your commercial successes.

This report offers an analysis of localised trends that are distinct to Europe, Middle East and Africa to help you delight customers in those areas.

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