Designing immersive multi-dimensional stories at Coca-Cola

Dobrian Dobrev is UX Lead Architect for EMEA IT Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. Ahead of his online session at CXN Live: Experience Design, we asked how he creates immersive digital stories at the soft-drink manufacturer

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After explaining the differences to consider between designing digital interfaces and spatial interfaces, Dobrev’s session will explore ways to build immersive stories for experiences that span both physical and digital formats.

In fact, Dobrev maintains that the act of blending physical and digital will be a marked characteristic of customer experiences in the future. Over the last five years, Dobrev notes that we have “witnessed a phenomenon called dematerialization". 

This is where things that were traditionally interacted with physically are now becoming digital entities, products or services. This is seen in society’s migration away from consuming music via cassette tapes and CDs to digital MP3 files and online music streaming services.

“My personal opinion is the combination of the physical and digital world is the future of customer experience. Mobilization was as a milestone and I think the next milestone will be a hybrid between the digital world and the physical world in the context of customer experience,” says Dobrev. 

A vital element of Dobrev’s UX role is to ensure that new customer journeys provide optimal experiences for users that buy Coca-Cola drinks. Attendees of his online session will receive insights into how to translate multi-dimensional experience storyboards into interactive prototypes that can be validated with potential users and stakeholders.

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