Akshay Trivedi

Regional Director, Office of Marketing Value - Digital, Media & Content Excellence Asia Pacific Johnson & Johnson


Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

2:50 PM Workshop 3B: Driving Enterprise wide CX Culture Transformation

Creating a sustainably excellent customer experience requires cultural alignment and deliberate change management throughout the organisation. This workshop identifies key aspects that need to be consciously addressed, including strategies for embedding CX into each aspect of an organisation’s culture for a successful transformation. 

Learning Outcomes:

• It starts from the top: How to adopt a change driven mind-set and what kind of management support is required?

• Examine ways to influence customer-centric culture change across individuals, teams, business units and offices to get company-wide buy-in

• Identify the key factors to consider when controlling change management

• Architecting the change journey: understand the importance of selecting the right tools and systems as key enabler of the requisite organisational culture to support CX

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