Research from CX Network reveals data and analytics as the top CX trend

Research from CX Network reveals that data and analytics is the biggest priority for customer experience professionals

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Adam Muspratt

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In the Global State of Customer Experience (CX) 2019 report, it was revealed that data and analytics is the biggest trend affecting CX, according to the 220 industry practitioners surveyed.

Customer data and analytics

In the results, data and analytics was followed by digital customer experience. These two trends also took the lead in last year’s report, signaling that understanding customer behaviour on a deeper level and tracking the single-view of the customer are still high priorities.

Top 3 trends impacting CX for CX practitioners 

A failure to access a single-customer view can fracture the customer experience and harm healthy relationships. Customers expect to be recognized across multiple lines of business and if brands fail to connect the dots, interactions will be far from personalized or streamlined.

James Alexander, Decisioning Director at Sky and CX Network Advisory Board member, says that data analytics and digital customer experience intertwine. The key to enhancing digital customer experiences for customers is for brands to understand the concept of identity and glue together all of the different interactions as much as possible into an actionable profile.

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He explains: “First of all, it allows you to get much better visibility of what’s going on with your customers. In particular, how they interact with you on your websites, your apps, your call centre and other channels across all of those silos in the organisation. Combining this with key bits of core customer data then provides an incredibly rich asset that allows you to really understand your customers."

When you integrate the data and marketing technologies and build the customer profile, you can deliver a customer experience tailored to the individual. Using data and analytics throughout the interaction you can engage with the customer in real-time, providing agents with the information they need to provide market leading success, by leveraging customer-specific knowlege such as previous points of interaction, raised pain points, and channel identities. 

Be sure to check out the full report for more insight on top trends, challenges and solutions including the removal of data silos and building a customer-first culture.