The 3 Cs of Brand Messaging: Consistency, Clarity and Character

Marketing Maven blogger Abdaraouf Zouai discusses the values that will help you to clearly articulate your brand message to your customers

Your branding expresses your products, your services, your true business values and your identity. It is a testament to your personality and characteristics – essentially who you are and what individuals think of you. This all communicated through your brand messaging: your brand name, your slogan, your logo, social media.

Brand messaging is hard work, after all you want to a positive brand impression right? You don’t want to get lost in translation. Raise your voice and clearly articulate your brand message and values by following the 3 c’s model to brand messaging: consistency, clarity and character.

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Sound the trumpets and raise your weapon. Social media is a powerful and invaluable marketing weapon to have in your arsenal that can increase brand awareness, connect you with your customers, drive organic traffic to your website and generate leads – if managed effectively and efficiently that is. Being effective means doing the right things, being efficient means doing things right.

Share unique, quality and valuable content. Make it compelling and share worthy. Why? Simple, it helps your brand rank better in searches. After all, if no one is engaging with your content or visiting your website how can you convert prospects into long term and loyal customers?

Your customers don’t want a one night stand… Your brand messaging is a lot like a first date, if all you do is talk about yourself, do not expect a second date. Don’t be pushy or over promotional. It takes ages to find a customer, but only mere seconds to lose one.

Quality content gets rewarded. Make sure that you regularly update and keep your content fresh. Be consistent and creative with your content! Don’t be afraid to be bold and stand out from all the noisy competition.

Getting links from your social media networks (content shares) gives your brand more visibility and helps determine your website’s relevancy. Add social media share buttons to your blog posts, add call to actions and give your audience a compelling reason to share your content.

Sharing good quality content on your brand’s social media networks gets you more likes, shares and links from other brand websites. These social signals show search engines your brand’s relevancy and boosts your website’s search rankings. The more social signals you have the better!

Your brand messaging should be consistent and clear universally, not just on your social networks. Everything must work together, in unison: your website, your packaging, your brand logo, your advertising campaigns.


Ensure that your brand’s communication is concise, powerful and clear; don’t be afraid to use language that your audience is using. How do you avoid brand distortion, confusion and lack of clarity? Focus on one thing that you do well instead of feeling unnecessarily brave and dipping your toes into several pools. If you can’t clearly define and communicate your brand message, prepare to lose your customers.

Successful brand communications have a clear, focused and single message. If your brand value is not clear in your messaging, your audience will not comprehend what value you are offering and why you exist, even though you have what they are seeking. Inevitably, they just leave and go elsewhere because it is not clear what it is that you offer or do.

A clear message is one that possesses these four things:

  • What do you do?
  • What differentiates you from competitors?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What issues does it solve for your customers and how can you solve it?


Humanise your brand and keep it real! Interact with your customers, listen to them, converse with them (social media is not a one-way conversation), help them…they are real people. Ask yourself: ‘what makes us human’? Interconnection with other humans, forming relationships, emotions, feelings, conversation and opinions.

Don’t be afraid to inject a little humour into your brand, though only use humour if it fits your brand’s identity and character. Put on your branding shoes and get footloose.

Connect with your customers and give them authenticity, but remember to always leave them wanting more. Use storytelling to bring your brand to life and generate higher engagement. Share engaging and compelling visual brand stories. Manifest your brand identity by promoting and conveying your brand’s lifestyle through content.

Create don’t emulate. A brand that is not honest and true to itself can never be honest to its customers. Being honest may not get you a lot of customers, but it will certainly get you the right customers. Social media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk is brutally honest, yells and curses. That is his character, digital branding and personality. The key takeaway here is that honesty is the best policy and do not emulate others, just be yourself.