IKEA’s Melanie Kleemann joins CX Network’s advisory board

Melanie Kleemann, chief customer officer at IKEA Germany, writes about her background and experience as she becomes the latest recruit to CX Network’s advisory board

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As the chief customer officer at IKEA Germany, I hate boring interiors and poor service. That is why I support IKEA in generating sustainable growth by identifying customer needs and problems, and creating dream solutions or experiences that inspire. With a record of accomplishment in transformational leadership, I have built a reputation for leading and implementing successful, customer-focused, innovative and profitable initiatives.

Specifically, I have lead the customer-centric, multichannel transformation and I am currently leading and developing the customer experience across all touch points. A key focus in my change leadership has always been to use customer insights in driving a significant improvement in customer and commercial outcomes. This was successfully achieved by developing a collaborative, creative and agile culture that, in turn, established the foundations for new and innovative commercial initiatives. These included the creation of a high-performance customer experience leadership team to support the organization through these changes. Throughout my career, I have been an influential advocate of placing the experience at the center of everything we do and finding new ways of working through innovation or new technologies. 

Melanie Kleemann, chief customer officer at IKEA Germany

Previously I held global responsibility for the IKEA service business in Sweden, where I adapted the service offer to fit the needs of modern customers in different countries and established the growth and structural preconditions for IKEA as a leading, multichannel retailer. The majority of my career has generally been in sales and business development, later helped me in my customer based functions, to understand my peers and speak the same language. I also speak at global conferences on subjects ranging from customer experience to multichannel retailing.

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