Adidas GBS VP discusses enhancing customer journeys

The Senior VP of Global Business Services at Adidas shares her experience in cross-functional alignment and removing friction from customer journeys. 

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image of a customer purchasing online goods

Customer journey mapping

Adidas prides itself on its commitment to sport, and strongly believes that "sport is central to every culture and society and is core to an individual’s health and happiness." The brand is dedicated to delivering products designed to give customers the best experiences and service in a sustainable way. 

Kamila Grembowicz, Senior VP Global Business Services at Adidas joins us on the CX Network podcast to share her experience in cross-functional alignment and removing friction from customer journeys. 

Cross-functional alignment

Many companies suffer from a huge divide between IT and other business divisions. In order to get all departments on the same page, Kamila stresses that the business needs to unite under a solid understanding of the technology in the firm but also a clear view of what’s integral to the brand’s survival; “We got a new CIO, and she has a very clear vision of where the technology should take us, from both a technical and a commercial point of view. For example, most people now shop on their phones, so we’ve launched new software which enables the customer to view our store in 3D.”

“We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability by using sustainable technology. We take tonnes of plastic from the oceans and create new products.”

Customer centric strategies

To create a streamlined experience for the customer, internal workflows need to be seamless. If operational friction is being encountered frequently such as: downtime with IT systems, slow website load time, newsletters being sent incorrectly, low employee morale rates, this will eventually feed through to the customer. They can sense the disorganisation and it will affect their journey negatively. Take care to ensure systems are running smoothly with the customer at the forefront of operations. 

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