Marketing’s transformation to C-suite trusted advisor

Re-imagining the role of marketing and aligning internal organization, measures and technology to serve a higher purpose

Listen in as CX experts from Vodafone and SAS discuss their own personal experience and perspectives on this re-imagining of the role and function of marketing today

This webinar will take place on:
10 June, 2021
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT

Live at: 1.30pm AEST and 9:00AM IST

Marketing’s traditional obsession with customer-centricity and balanced application of both art and science has become something the rest of the organization now realizes is increasingly key to driving overall business strategy. With the acceleration of digital transformation and the increasing reliance on data and analytics, senior marketers everywhere are re-imagining their own internal organization, measures and technology to better serve this higher purpose.

In this webinar, CX experts from Vodafone and SAS share their own practical experiences of reimagining the role and function of the marketing department today.

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• Reimagining the organization (skills, people, process)
• Reimagining the measures (growth KPIs, brand vs customer)
• Reimagining the technology (data, privacy, orchestration, measurement and attribution)


Mike Blanchard,
Senior director and head of global customer intelligence practice

Mike is a member of the Leadership team at SAS the industry giant in business analytics and AI. Today, Mike is responsible for the ‘Customer Intelligence Line of Business’, a product spanning customer experience, customer analytics, omnichannel marketing, digital intelligence, ad-serving and real-time decisioning. Revenues from the ‘Line of Business’ across software and service represent more than $250m annually across over 700 enterprise customers worldwide. Mike interfaces directly with the SAS Executive Leadership Board on the strategy and progress of this core company growth initiative and externally advises its largest clients in making optimal investments in analytical CRM to deliver revenue and profit.

Pedram Keshavarzian
Head of channel management, capability and campaign operations

Pedram is a senior marketing and digital professional with over 20 years of experience. In his current capacity as head of campaign and channel operations in the customer lifecycle management (CLM) at Vodafone, which is a TPG Telecom brand, Keshavarzian is overseeing the execution of all outbound and inbound campaigns to Vodafone customers, across various product lines and all channels. His team is also accountable for helping various channels achieve their commercial KPIs as well as creating a smooth experience for the existing customers on all channels with a particular focus on the digital channel.

Pedram is also leading the marketing automation implementation and adoption in Vodafone across marketing. Using his experience in data-driven marketing and digital platforms, and as the business owner of the CI360 project, Pedram has been helping marketing and digital teams in the adoption of the technology by defining use-cases to help achieve specific commercial outcomes.

Pedram has a PhD in consumer choice modelling and has published a few papers on this topic in academic journals. His studies revealed that customers’ decisions about choosing a product were influenced by the order in which they had received information, which is most relevant in the context of the digital marketing. Pedram is a road cyclist and loves bushwalking.