Customer Experience Learnings From Orange, Telefonica, Telus and More

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Customer experience leaders from Orange, Telefonica and Tesco Mobile shared their CX and digital journeys as well as the key takeaways learned along the way at the annual CEM in Telecoms Global Summit in London, UK.

Tesco Mobile’s Recipe for Growing the Base

Estelle Levacher, Customer Experience & Proposition Manager at Tesco Mobile, spoke about how to anticipate customer needs to grow your customer base and revenue streams.

Their recipe for success is:

  1. Having a strong customer-centric vision (be Tesco customers’ favourite mobile provider) followed by a clear strategy (be the customer champion helping Tesco customers to enjoy a better mobile experience).
  2. Be crystal clear on your target segments.
  3. Use multiple voice of the customer sources and be relentless in your search for the customer truth.
  4. Embrace the customer champion element through innovative and customer centric propositions
  5. Drive a culture of continuous improvement everywhere
  6. Employ colleagues who are genuinely passionate about the customers

Move From Business Transactions to Customer Outcomes

David Garcia, Director of Service Strategy at Telus, took us through their 3-year long transformational journey, which they’re currently and is moving them from business transactions to customer outcomes.

He said that the key ingredients to manage outcomes are:

  • People (customer focus, empowerment, collaboration)
  • Processes (journey mapping, pro-activity, continuous improvement)
  • Performance (customer-centric, yield metrics, cross-channel)
  • Technology (case management, omni-channel, collaboration tools)

For each of these he outlined their respective importance as part of the wider customer outcome and how they can be achieved.

The lessons they learned on the journey are so far:

  1. Have a solid change management plan: gain executive support, increase communication, and ensures the organisation understands the journey.
  2. Follow agile practises for implementation: enable quick wins and be ready to change plans.
  3. Measure along the way: decide early how you will evaluate success and communicate results.

Create Cross-Level Feedback and Improvements

The presentation of Aude Barth, VP Voice of the Customer & Voice of Orange People at Orange, was about leveraging employee and customer feedback to drive continuous improvement across the Orange business. She told us step-by-step how people from across the organisation got involved in workshops to first identify key challenges and ultimately decide on and implement actions on the back of this.

There were eight workshops with 155 participants (from front-liners to executives), coming from ten different countries who identified 196 ideas and created 52 actions. These were then narrowed down to 12 prioritised actions, which were discussed with the Executive Committee and CEOs to get their feedback and personal support on their favourite action(s).

The directions on the back of this are focused on sharing, continuous improvement and exemplarity. Particularly notable is that the best practices are being shared through an internal social network to everyone; whether you’re frontline or the CEO. As long as you’re Orange and have Internet, you’ll have the same information.

The Digitalisation of Telefonica

Michael Havas, Director of Customer Service and Sales at Telefonica, spoke about digitalisation which he said is one of the biggest buzzwords in transformation. The world is changing as people get even more digital, but what does digitalisation mean to Telefonica? Havas said:

  1. How we act with our customers (though the portal, self-service, online sales, social media presence)
  2. How we steer our business (the tools, interactions, data, technology and how we steer processes)
  3. How we use digital processes

Customer service is at the heart of these as Telefonica drives their transformation on three levels:

  • Digital products and services
  • Digital customer journey
  • Internal digitalisation

Havas warned against just digitalising processes for the sake of it, there has to be an improvement strategy behind it. He explained: “If you digitalise a shitty process, you have a shitty digital process.”

At Telefonica their aim is to constantly change themselves to improve customers in their digital routine. They’re not digital only, but digital first.

The digital transformation is focused around quality, budget, value and employees (the core).

With the employees at the heart of this, Havas said that the basis for their successful transformation has been internal digitalisation.

Create Customer Value Through Experience Management

Omar Barbaros Yis is the Director, Ficed Broadband & Voice Marketing at Turk Telekom. In his presentation he said: “CEM (customer experience management) and CVM (customer value management) are two big ways to drive revenue growth for us. However, they are like a couple who love each other but never expressed their feelings for one another.”

So how can you make this a much better oiled relationship?

In 2016, Turk telekom began to listen to their customers and performers (staff) to break down the wall between them and the CVM team.

They now apply a principle they call CVEM (creating customer value through experience management). Rather than having a one-way interaction between the data (CVM team) and the customers, it’s now two ways between the performers, customers and data (CVM team).