Tech tips to fight customer churn

Part two of the Your Time To Shine webinar series

Attend the second installment of this customer experience webinar series presented by Conversica and a panel of CX experts on when to prioritize best practices, ease of use and flexibility in a Customer Success tech stack

This webinar will take place on:
March 18, 2021
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM CST

Live at 10am Pacific Time

The goals of a Customer Success team are two-fold: helping businesses retain and grow revenue from their existing customers and ensuring customers have a positive experience.

The mission to achieve these goals is complicated by multiple hurdles, one key issue being the capacity issues created by high customer-to-account manager ratios. This challenge triggers poor customer experiences, bad reviews, low adoption rates and, ultimately, churn.

To help Customer Success teams accomplish their goals, organizations can leverage a series of tools and technologies. But are you sure you are getting the right solutions to help scale your team? How do you balance flexibility and customization against built-in best practices and efficiencies?

Attend this webinar to: 

  • Interact with a panel of CX experts on the dos and dont's of Customer Success tech stacks
  • Discover how to best balance tech stack flexibility with best practices
  • Understand how to ensure your brand has the correct IT infrastructure to encourage business growth and customer success


Sonny Dasgupta
Head of Product Marketing
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