Why do CX Programs Fail?

Live at 11am Singapore Time - 16th of July

A fireside chat on why CX initiatives fail and what companies/executives can do about it.

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT

Experience transformation represents a huge business opportunity for enterprises.

However, nearly 80% of CX programs fail to deliver the desired outcome.

In this fireside chat we will discuss many of the common flaws in CX programs and how to mitigate these failures.

Join the conversation with Alp Altun, Chief Transformation Officer, Asia Pacific at Allianz and CloudCherry's Chief Executive Officer, Vinod Muthukrishnan as they address how to integrate insights from the customer for driving key business decisions and why predictive analytics in CX is a game changer.

Attend this fireside chat live to interact with the experts and  learn: 

  • How to get organizational buy in for your CX program
  • How to demonstrate ROI of CX to the organization
  • How to identify and resolve common problems that derail CX programs
  • Why bringing in operational data into the customer journey is important
  • How to discover the value of customer journey mapping
  • The need for predictive and prescriptive analytics


Alp Altun 
Chief Transformation Officer, Asia Pacific

Alp is a thought leader in the CX space with 20+ years’ experience in transforming businesses. He has a proven track record in developing, advising top-level strategy, leading change planning and executing operations with top- and bottom-line success, often in turnaround situations. Alp is an Intrapreneur with passion to build winning businesses for a sustainable future.

Vinod Muthukrishnan
Chief Executive Officer

Vinod is the CEO of CloudCherry, helping businesses measure and deliver customer delight. He previously spent seven years at sea as a First Officer before running Global Sales at Market Simplified. Based in Salt Lake City, Vinod enjoys cricket and expanding his library of leadership and P.G. Wodehouse books