The survey is dead… A survival guide for CX

This free webinar with the experts at Confirmit looks at how we should we capture customers insights that we really need and how to use them more effectively to inspire people to change stuff

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12:00 PM - 01:00 PM GMT

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An insightful webinar on the next evolution in customer feedback measurement.

Confirmit webinar

Everyone is sick of surveys - and for good reason. It’s hard to buy so much as a cup of coffee without receiving a survey about it, and customers just don’t believe you’re really listening.

 Honestly, are your surveys really driving change in your organisation? Exactly.

Watch this webinar with the experts from Confirmit for answers to the following questions:

  • How should we capture the insights that we really need?
  • Do we always have to ask the customer? Are they the fountain of all knowledge?
  • How can we use our insights (wherever we get them from) more effectively to inspire people to change stuff?

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This webinar is part of our CX Network LIVE: Customer Feedback & Satisfaction virtual event and you can find a full list of event sessions to watch on-demand here.