Strategies for repairing a fragmented customer experience

How centralizing customer communications can drive consistency that results in higher engagement and loyalty

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Organizations today are dealing with more complexity than ever in managing their customer communications
The need to communicate across more and more channels, while still delivering personalized and relevant, timely communications, makes it challenging to create a consistent, cohesive customer experience.  Exacerbating the issue is the tendency to create operational silos with each new communication channel. This approach to the customer experience results in higher costs, and lower engagement due to fragmented messages and experiences.

Join Patrick Kehoe, EVP of Product Management with Messagepoint as he discusses the pitfalls of managing each communication channel separately and outlines strategies for centralizing content management that drives consistency across the customer experience.

Benefits of attending this live session:

  • Learn how to manage content across print and digital channels to deliver clearer more consistent customer communications

  • Understand how to break down the operational silos that exist in your organization through collaboration and integrated workflows enabled by centralized content management

  • Understand how AI can ease transformation of legacy content management and ready it for hybrid customer experiences

What challenges will this live session address? 

  • Complexities organizations face when managing customer communications across various channels, while ensuring they personalized, relevant and timely

  • Tendencies to create operational silos with each new communication channel that result in higher costs and lower engagement due to fragmented messages and experiences

Patrick brings over 25 years of experience delivering business solutions for document processing, customer communications, and content management. Prior to joining Messagepoint, Patrick was Worldwide Head of OpenText Exstream.