Power10: Customer Journey Mapping Learnings and Best Practices From Customer Experience Leaders

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10:00 AM - 11:00 PM EST

A Power10 is an online boardroom style discussion through a webinar platform where with at least ten customer experience leaders (in two sessions with five experts in each), exactly as if they were in one room together. The Power10 technology allows participants to connect from the comfort of their own office, using their computer or smart device, allowing even the busiest of executives to attend.

To show you the workings of this online event we recently ran a Power10 on customer journey mapping with our Advisory Board members, hosted by Ingrid Lindberg, Founder & Chief Experience Officer of Chief Customer, and former Chief Customer Experience Officer of CIGNA & Prime Therapeutics.

For this Power10, Ingrid is joined by a selection of the CX Network Advisory Board:

  • Victor Milligan, Chief Marketing Officer, Forrester
  • Paul Sands, Director of Retail Development and Customer Experience, Bang & Olufsen
  • Gero Niemeyer, Managing Director, Customer Service, Deutsche Telekom
  • Edwin van Outersterp, Senior Director, Global Customer Service, Sanofi Genzyme
  • Kerry Bodine, Co-author of Outside In & Customer Experience Coach, Kerry Bodine & Co
  • Richard George, Director of Digital, eir Group
  • Sanjay Saxena, Senior Director of Marketing - CE & Operations Transformation, Huawei

In the Power10 discussion they share customer journey mapping learnings and best practices, advice for organisations just starting out with their journey maps, who they build the roadmap for and invite into the discussions, whether or not to bring the customer into the meetings, and the biggest wins they’ve seen on the back of customer journey mapping.


Ingrid Lindberg
Founder and CXO
Chief Customer
Ingrid Lindberg is a serial Customer Experience Officer (CXO). As the first person to hold the title of CXO, she has been transforming companies with her approach to customer experience for 20 years. Her work has spanned the Fortune 500 - including Finance, Healthcare, CPG, Telco and Retail, working with companies to create differentiating customer experience strategies and cultures. She most recently was the President of Kobie Marketing, a loyalty marketing technology provider. She’s a global keynote speaker, an author and through her company, Chief Customer, acts as a guide to organizations as they drive their customer experience strategies and people-centric culture changes.