North America: ROI - Solving the business value question for your program

This webinar will take place on:
May 28, 2020
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM EDT

Proving return on investment (ROI) has been a challenge for customer experience (CX) experts since the beginning. According to new research from CX Network, it seems that struggle hasn’t changed.

In many cases, brands enjoy financial rewards from their CX programs but lack the visibility to tie those benefits to efforts, a disconnect that jeopardizes future CX investments.

According to the Global State of CX 2020 report, 53 per cent of respondents based in North America believe many CX benefits go unmeasured at their companies, while an additional 39 per cent believe they are only able to identify a few benefits.

Join CX Network and InMoment as they walk through the findings of this latest report and share key insights on how to answer the business value question within customer experience.

Tune in to access the following insights:
• The top goals and obstacles facing North American CX professionals today
• The four economic pillars of business value
• The metrics you can use to prove ROI right now


Eric Smuda
CX Distinguished Practitioner

Eric Smuda has built a distinguished career out of turning venerable brands into CX powerhouses. His novel, impassioned approach to customer experience implementation changed the face of the rental car industry, in which he found award-winning ways to connect customers and companies. It’s only fitting, then, that Eric serves as a Principal of CX Strategy & Implementation at InMoment, lending his seasoned perspective to many of the company’s strategies.

Jennifer Passini
Senior Strategic CX Consultant

Jennifer is ultimately responsible for ensuring that clients and prospects understand the power of the CX program, and why MaritzCX, an InMoment Company, is the best partner to design and deliver on the CX framework. Jennifer’s role within the organization is to provide consultative support to clients as they consider the best shape and scope for their CX program considering their desired outcomes and business objectives.

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