Survival bootcamp: customer experience in retail

Access exclusive research findings and advice on building digital experiences that boost customer lifetime value and minimize customer churn.

This webinar will take place on:
26 May, 2021
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM BST

The turbulence seen in 2020 pushed economic uncertainty into full focus for many businesses. Infobip’s 2021 CX research is seeing retail experts express varying levels of worry around store closures, with 50 per cent admitting concern about how the decline of physical stores will impact their business models. In light of this landscape, one thing is for certain, digital is the way forward for sustainable growth in retail.

This notion rang true last year with digital transformation accelerating in response to Covid-19 and increased digital marketing investments emerging as the top survival strategy for retail businesses. Also, Infobip’s research is seeing American respondents and European retail respondents signal live chat as one of the top three digital strategies they implemented to support customers through 2020 into 2021.

Join the experts at Infobip in this webinar to access exclusive retail research findings and receive advice on how to invest in digitalization so your spend has a lasting impact that boosts customer lifetime value and retention long after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.

Access the webinar live to discover:

  • How retail brands are building resilience into their business plans moving forward 
  • How automation sceptics will fall behind in the retail market
  • Ways to optimize agent productivity, happiness and, consequently customer loyalty and lifetime value
  • The secrets behind agents manage calls and digital channels at the main time without damaging service quality and output


Ryan Creamore
Regional Customer Success Director for Americas
Nikhil Shoorji
Managing Director – Europe