Customer retention myths that can hurt your brand’s growth

Unlocking the true definition of customer retention to propel business growth

Hear how to broaden customer retention's definition so it becomes a customer experience tool that boosts your brand's bottom line.

This webinar will take place on:
July 16, 2020
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM EST

When CX leaders hear the word “retention,” their default definition is most likely “keeping current customers happy.” However, true retention is about building a much deeper customer relationship and deploying the loyalty tools that go far beyond satisfaction surveys.

Today’s leaders may also be tempted to only think about loyalty through the lens of COVID-19—making it a temporary priority in a time where customer retention is vital. This too could prove to be a fatal mistake.

On July 16, hear from InMoment experts Jim Katzman and David Van Brocklin on why and how we can broaden retention's definition so it becomes an evergreen, ever important customer experience effort that boosts your brand's bottom line.

Attend this live webinar to access:  

  • The four cornerstones of customer retention
  • Tools you can use to drive retention outside of surveys
  • Stories from brands who have successfully driven loyal customer relationships
  • Instant expertise on your organisation's most important CX questions and pain points within the live Q&A section.


Jim Katzman
Principal CX Strategy

Jim’s wealth of sales and customer experience knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to InMoment. Prior to joining the company as a Principal of CX Strategy & Enablement, Jim accrued valuable experience on both sides of the sales relationship while working for such big names as Verizon, America Online, and Asurion. Jim is adept at using customer feedback to pinpoint deep-rooted problem areas within organizations, and is even more proficient at fixing them.

David Van Brocklin
VP of Customer Success

David has 15 years of successful customer strategy, relationship and consulting experience. He enjoys leading and providing thought leadership representing the customer experience. During his 10 years with InMoment, Van Brocklin has had success as a true Voice of the Customer expert shaping the CX industry by crafting and sharing industry best practices. Van Brocklin is a key strategic influencer partnering with stakeholder organizations ensuring InMoment’s ability to continue to achieve company KPI’s.

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