The art of customer acquisition: How one brand won a 35% increase in sales volume

Find out how one of the world’s largest telecommunications brands unlocked a 35% increase in sales volume.

This webinar will take place on:
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT

Customer acquisition

Recently, one of the world’s leading telecommunications brands presented a potential digital marketing and sales vendor with a make-or-break challenge:

“Go head-to-head with our in-house call center and existing marketing agency and see if you can deliver more customers and revenue within eight weeks.”

Join this webinar to go behind-the-scenes with this case and discover how Clearlink (a SYKES company), actually managed to outperform the telco brand’s in-house call center, delivering a 35% increase in sales volume and simultaneously decreasing media spend in under a two-month period.

You will leave the session equipped with tactics to apply in your own business as the EVP of Strategy & Brand Marketing at Clearlink will discuss effective tips on enhancing online marketing efforts and increasing sales volumes to drive immediate, impactful business results and high-value lifetime customers. 

Join this webinar live to learn about:

  • Navigating the siloes between sales and marketing to avoid a disconnected customer buying experience
  • What creates a truly engaging sales experience
  • Combining online and offline touchpoints to deliver an efficient sales experience with frictionless conversion
  • Cutting high costs of traditional outsourcing vendors or in-house sales centers
  • How to leverage an integrated combination of earned, paid and owned media connected by data science to inform and personalize each stage of your buyer’s journey
  • Driving qualified sales leads: managing the paid search landscape in order to maximize inbound sales opportunities, conversions and units and revenue per sales
  • Generating long-term high-value customers
  • Increasing brand revenue: The opportunities of a pay-per-performance model and its impact on a company’s bottom line
  • How Clearlink ultimately earned 100% of the telco brand’s inbound sales business
  • Common mistakes in large in-house call centers


Jesse Himsworth
EVP, Strategy and Brand Marketing
SYKES - Clearlink

For the past 15 years I’ve led results-driven marketing teams, planned and executed multi-channel marketing communications campaigns, and developed fruitful client partnerships through strategic sales and marketing initiatives. I’m a results-driven, dynamic marketing strategist with demonstrated success in building and growing brands, driving qualified leads to sales teams, and providing training and sales support for complex marketing projects. I’m an advocate of design thinking and I’m incredibly passionate about collaboration and co-creation in order to iterate on big ideas and constantly work to make things better. Today, my work at Clearlink is focused on solving customer journey problems for customers.