5 Customer experience predictions for 2019

This webinar walks through five key customer experience predictions for business success in 2019.

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Customer experience strategy

2019 will be the year that companies go above and beyond in their customer experience efforts. In our CX predictions, we’ve identified 5 key tactics that businesses will employ to change the way they operate, and ultimately transform customer experience:

  • Experiences will go beyond the customer
  • Artificial-intelligence will predict actions, not just insights
  • Experiences will be rewritten in real-time
  • Businesses will align around customer journeys
  • Experience innovation will be crowdsourced

In this webinar, we’ll walk through each of these predictions, where we’re already seeing them come to life in the market, and how to set your business up for experience success.

Attend this webinar to access: 

  • Insight into upcoming trends in customer experience
  • Case studies of leading brands are paving the way for a new standard in CX
  • Examples of technological and business innovation that are seeing amazing CX results
  • Instant expertise on your pain points or questions you have within the session's live Q&A section. 


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Noah Rolff
Director of Customer Marketing