10 steps to customer journey orchestration

Omdia shares practical steps in not only connecting customer journeys but orchestrating proactive engagement

Takeaway these 10 practical steps to get your business started with delivering a hyper-personalized customer journey via customer journey orchestration.

This webinar will take place on:
February 10, 2021
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM GMT

In our post-Covid-19 environment, enterprises must respond to key moments in real time and proactively anticipate customers' next moves; understand which channels they intend to use; and be ready with relevant content, offers, or remedies. This level of intelligent orchestration requires customer journeys to be unified and transparent across the enterprise so that customer-facing employees can proactively respond at key moments with personalized content, offers, or tailored solutions. This requires the ability to manage and act on customers’ experiences as they travel across channels – website, mobile devices, voice calls, or social media – for consistent, connected optimal journeys.

However, the customer journey in today’s digital world is complex, with interactions spanning many different applications, data sources, channels, and devices. Additionally, many enterprises don’t embrace an internal approach that enables them to flexibly respond to customers’ interwoven movements. They may lack a cohesive organizational structure, an integrated data management strategy that produces real-time customer insights, and the tools and technologies that enable agility.

To navigate, survive, and thrive in this increasingly complex landscape, forward-leaning enterprises must transform into intelligent, cohesive outfits capable of using data, people and technology in tandem to effectively manage customers' journeys. Enterprises that reach this level of sophistication will position themselves for long-term sustainability in 2021 and in the coming years.

In this webinar, participants will learn about

  1. Research data from Omdia that highlights the barriers that prevent connected customer journey orchestration, enterprises’ planned technology investments that will enable connected journeys, and the impact that COVID-19 has had on the importance of customer experience
  2. The four imperatives of customer journey orchestration
  3. The 10 steps to enabling customer journey orchestration
  4. Use case from Quadient Customer, British Gas
  5. Key takeaways on how to build a bridge between IT and CX

Join Mila D’Antonio, of Omdia, on February 10th to learn about the approaches that organizations can take to optimize and connect the real-time customer journeys.


Mila D’Antonio
Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement
Adam Firbank
Journey Practice Lead Customer Communications
British Gas

Adam is a strategic marketer, specialising in marketing systems and integration and has over 22 years’ experience across several sectors: including utilities, pharmaceutical, construction and waste. His rise within the field of CXM to become a respected ’go to’ expert for analysts stems from the knowledge and experience gained using data to drive fact-based marketing decisioning.

Joining British Gas at the start of 2015, establishing customer journey mapping to link all online and offline channels with operational processes and data orchestration is aiding British Gas restructure how they operate with a focus on the customer.


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