Breathe life into your commute with these powerful CX podcasts

CX Network’s recommended selection of customer experience (CX) focused podcasts

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Chanice Henry

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The average commute in the US reached a record high recently, with 4.3 million workers enduring commutes of more than 90 minutes. With an average of 232 workdays in a year, that’s approximately 393 hours spent commuting per year.

Rather than waste this substantial amount of time, many professionals are using podcasts to bring motivation and education to their daily commutes.

There are an estimated two million podcasts indexed on Google, so to save you time, we present CX Network’s recommended selection of customer experience (CX) focused podcasts to inspire you on your journey to delivering better customer care (and to the office).

CX Network Podcast Series

Host Seth Adler encourages his guests to open up about all things CX and leadership in his frank and entertaining in-depth interviews. CocaCola’s Max Just joined the podcast recently to chat about the importance of improving the employee experience and offer his tips for adapting to the future of the workplace.

Listen to the CX Network podcast featuring CocaCola here

CX Chronicles

CXChronicles tackles all things customer-centricity, providing listeners with tips and tricks gathered by tech start-ups and growth-focused companies on how to multiply the volume of repeat customers. Past guests include leading CX names from Microsoft, Vimeo, Grindr and eBay. In an episode from Alexander Genov head of customer research at shoe retailer giant Zappo, discussed his learnings on experience design and how brands can better the lives of their customers.

Customer Experience Leaders Podcast

Celebrating the unsung heroes of customer experience, the Customer Experience Leaders podcast provides practical takeaways and CX tips for listeners. Podcast episodes star Disney, Pandora and Lush.

The episode with Lush’s customer experience manager Emma Brady tells the story that led to the international cosmetics retailer’s award win for customer experience innovation in 2018.

Checkout the Customer Experience Leaders Podcast featuring Lush here

Crack The Customer Code

Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters team up in this audio series to learn from Fortune 500 executives, authors, retail magnates and entrepreneurs making things happen to deliver an exceptional customer experience to create loyal, raving fans. 

Authenticity was the interest area of a recent episode which questioned the disconnect between the lip-service many brands pay about being customer-centric and the fact that many customers are not as happy as they should be.

Tune into the episode entitled Do leaders lie about the importance of CX?

Amazing Business Radio

Led by best-selling author and customer experience expert Shep Hyken, Amazing Business Radio is dedicated to giving access to learnings on how to succeed in business. A recent episode focused on the art of turning customers into fans and the neurology behind fandoms which has direct applications for CX strategies.

Listen to the Amazing Business Radio podcast on turning customers into fans here

CX Cast

Forrester Analysts chat about their recent findings on optimizing customer experiences. The show recently welcomed Raj Sivasubramanian, customer experience insights manager at Airbnb, to discuss how the marketplace balances the needs between two groups of customers, hosts and guests, and the wins they have seen from capturing customer feedback via video.

Check out the episode featuring Airbnb here

Have we missed your favorite CX podcast? If so get in touch!