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Download the 2020 Agenda

The Customer Experience Exchange for Retail is the annual meeting place for the most senior names in the industry to connect with the biggest brands in retail and hear how they are transforming into customer-centric organisations. The Exchange will equip you with the latest strategies to wow your ...

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CX Retail: Investment Priorities 2019

We surveyed our network of CX leaders within retail to discover where they’re investing their budgets over the next 6-12 months. Not only did they outline their immediate investment needs* but also outlined their investment interests in areas they are wanting to learn more about. See the results ...

Conversity: Three Consumer Profiles for Post-Covid 19 Success

Things have evolved, learn how to optimize the purchase experience for your brand online Does your Brand need to drive digital success? ..COVID has changed everything Consumer expectations and behaviour are shifting in real time. Three new consumer profiles have emerged. < ...

Gaining A 360 View Of Your Customer & Using Insights Effectively In The Retail Sector

What will it take for retailers to survive in 2020? We asked industry leaders to share their expertise. Presentations featured in this report include: Clarks, HEMA, Gartner, River Island, URBN and Adidas.

Death of the High Street As We Know It?

Exclusive report featuring the thoughts of retail industry leaders including: Andy Brown, Central Retail Operations Director, Argos; Andreas Schlegel, Global Director Network Development, Volvo; Cathy Reid, Head of Cu ...

CX DISRUPTORS: Retail Leaders Report

What was once considered cutting edge in retail, such as the ability to buy an item online and return in-store, is now considered standard, by customers and the industry as a whole. However the retail industry continues to be shaken by disruptive technology, driven by advances in mobile devices a ...

CX Retail: Online vs. In-store

In this fiercely competitive and fickle market of retail, customers are easily led into competition. Customer demands are constantly evolving, and this won’t slow down anytime soon. To combat this retailers have been managing digital transformation, seamless Omni channel experiences and embedding ...

Customer Experience Retail: Investment Priorities Report

The last 5 years have seen technological advancement in many ways, beyond many expectations. For the customer experience arena in particular, the rise of convenience in retail has seen consumers truly take control. They choose the brands they interact with, with the full backing of millions of re ...

Customer Experience Exchange for Retail Post Event Report 2019

In July 2019, we spent two full days deep-diving into the biggest challenges keeping customer experience executives awake at night and discovered new insights that are informing the CX strategies of retail today. Whether you’re a digital-only player or a long-standing high street retailer, you ca ...


Customer Experience Exchange for Retail Sponsorship Prospectus 2020

Senior decision-makers in customer experience roles will attend the Customer Experience Exchange for Retail as prospective customers, looking to shorten their RFP Cycle by taking part in one-to-one private business meetings with solution providers like you. The Exchange gathers 60 senior CX executives in order to provide a number of...

Interviews with Industry Leaders

Andreas Schlegel, Global Director Network Development, Volvo

Andreas shares examples about integrating a customer culture into Volvo’s showrooms, together with the importance he places in the difference this can make between a standard customer journey and a memorable ‘wow’ one. 

Karl De Bruijn, IT Director, Cath Kidston

Karl talks the audience through delivering a fantastic customer experience in a legacy environment, with specifics on convincing the IT department of the benefits of investing. 

Andy Brown, Central Operations Director, Argos

Having recently changed the face of a much loved brand to be more digital-friendly, Andy talks through the importance of digital and it’s place on the high street. He also talks about the important of engaging his employees for effective results. 

Cathy Reid, Head of Customer Experience, Anne Summers

Cathy talks about strategies of connecting the dots between the online and in-store world, as well as combining the two to create a fantastic shopping experience. 

Paul Sands, Director of Customer Experience, Bang & Olufsen

Emotional engagement is now the buzz of the customer facing industry, and Paul discusses some of the challenges and opportunities that are presented when investing in tools to enhance the overall engagement of the customer. 

Interview with Melanie Kleemann, Head of Customer Experience at IKEA

Melanie Kleeman is the Head of Customer Experience at IKEA leads the strategic development of the end-to-end customer experience across all touchpoints responsible for the operative units. She shares her insight and strategies she implements to create a unified customer experience. 

Customer Experience Exchange for Retail 2019 | Sarah Metcalfe, Sure Petcare | Exclusive Interview

An exclusive interview with Sarah Metcalfe, Chief Happiness Officer and Head of Customer Service at Sure Petcare.

Customer Experience Strategy

Khaled Akl, VP Customer Development Global Route to Market, Unilever

Khaled discusses Unilever’s experience in crisis management, with a particular focus on the Arab Spring crisis, and how effective customer management at this time can make the world of difference for loyal customers. 

Creating a Customer Experience Strategy in a Legacy Environment

Innovation through CX requires a transformational change throughout the organisation. However, legacy systems, lack of time, money and buy-in can all make this process incredibly difficult. Karl de Bruijn, IT Director at Cath Kidston, took the audience through the importance of working closely with the IT departments to ensure that...

Customer Culture & Centricity

Implementing Multichannel Customer Initiatives in your Organisation to Maximise your In‐Store Experience

Every customer wants a consistent experience that is unique to them, regardless of which channel they choose to use. Combining the instore and online experience can be tricky, but through implementing the correct technology in your stores, you have the opportunity to truly understand how customers make purchasing decisions, and...

How to Deliver the Most Personalised Level of Customer Experience Possible

Every customer wants an experience unique to them when they interact with their retailer. Despite retailers striving to deliver this, few companies are able to gain sufficient detail and insight from their customers to make this achievable. As eCommerce transforms the way we shop and technology reduces the time required...

What is Customer Experience?

Ensuring a great multi-channel customer experience, hinges on an organisations ability to put the customer at the heart of the business. This video, produced by the Customer Management Exchange Network, serves to demonstrate the importance of customer experience in today’s environment touching on critical strategic issues such as customer loyalty,...

Working From Home: Essential Reading

Customer Crisis: COVID-19

During this incredibly sensitive time, brands must be mindful of the decisions they make as the impact on customer loyalty and employee experience may last long after this health epidemic blows over. Read our article exploring COVID-19: Customer care and employee experience in times of widespread social stress for more...

What is the Digital Workplace?

The digital workplace has advanced significantly throughout the past decade and as we move into a new era of remote working, why not learn more about the subject? This detailed infographic gives you a snapshot of key statistics and trends, including: what we know, today's challenges, managing email, duplicating work,...

Evolution of the Digital Workplace: A Journey Through the 2010s & Predictions for the 2020s

We interviewed a number of industry thought leaders responsible for their company’s digital workplace strategy and asked them to walk us through their digital workplace journey through the past decade and to outline their predictions for the new decade. They each provided a brief overview of how the digital workplace...

Employee Experience: Today & Beyond

We had the chance to hear from Brett Caldon, CEO of Workgrid Software, and gain expert insights into how IT plays a significant role in employee experience and the future of the digital workplace. Brett is Head of Business Operations for Workgrid Software, a tech start-up and wholly owned subsidiary...

How Companies Can Leverage Mobility as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gina Gallo, CEO of Stratix, to discuss her expert insights into how mobility helps drive the digital transformation change and help connect the employee experience to that of the customers.

60 Seconds with Automation Leaders

We interviewed four leaders from the automation space to divulge their insights into their company’s automation strategy, automation journey, the impact this has on their business, the role their solution providers play in their automation, and much more.