Contributor: Mike Ashton
Posted: 12/19/2016
Customer Experience Transition:  Turning Data Into Action
Customer experience expert Mike Ashton shares 5 practical and proven suggestions on how to harness customer data to transform customer experience and avoid vital insight slipping through the cracks. Companies invest heavily to measure customer reaction to the service experience they deliver and frequently obsess over the results. Yet in so many c Full Article »
Posted: 02/14/2017
CX TALK King Data Science Customer Insight
Vince Darley is the Chief Scientist at King, the games company behind the popular Candy Crush Saga. At the Customer Insight and Analytics Exchange he held an insightful presentation on their learnings throughout the years when it comes to leveraging data to gain in-depth customer insight. They’ve seen tremendous growth very rapidly, which came wit Full Video »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: 10/04/2015
Podcast interview with James Frost, CMO of Worldpay UK, about the importance of data as part of a CX strategy and the trends that will define the industry in 2016. James Frost is the CMO of Worldpay UK, where he is responsible for the development and management of all marketing across the UK and Ireland – from sole traders to the largest Full Podcast »