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February 22, 2017 by Annette Franz
Customer Service Employee Experience
CX expert and blogger Annette Franz talks about the importance of a ‘stay’ interview, rather than an exit one, to get a deeper understanding of employee satisfaction and increase engagement in the long-term. There is a clear linkage between the employee experience and the customer experience. We know this, and yet many companies still refuse to
February 15, 2017 by
Data Customer Contact Centres
In this content piece ahead of Customer Contact Week, we speak to Nicola Millard, Customer Insights & Futurology at BT, and Philip Purdy, Customer & Client Services Manager at Travelzoo, who discuss how data and analytics is impacting customer contact centres.
February 13, 2017 by Sarah Lattouf
Customer Experience Social Media Marketing
Social media has swiftly become one of the prime customer touch-points, continuously sculpting and shaping customer experiences. The development of social media over the past years has revolutionised customer experience, leading to the re-birth of more informed customers. Consumers are faced by an abundance of purchasing decisions and chaotic
February 1, 2017 by Colin Shaw
How to Connect Employee Loyalty with Customer Loyalty
Customer experience author, blogger and speaker Colin Shaw says that successful companies have loyal employees. They also have loyal customers. But the question for researchers and consultants for the past two decades is how these two groups are related, if at all. Over the past 20 years, the connection between the two groups, loyal employee and
January 30, 2017 by Dawn Cox
Agent Engagement Contact Centre
Dawn Cox, CX Network Advisory Board member and Customer Service Director at Staples, shares her advice for improving agent engagement and retention in today’s contact centre. Over recent years, due largely to economic uncertainty, customers are placing ever greater importance on trust and ease of doing business with an organisation. Having
January 25, 2017 by Zarina de Ruiter
Customer Experience Orange Telefonica Telus
Customer experience leaders from Orange, Telefonica and Tesco Mobile shared their CX and digital journeys as well as the key takeaways learned along the way at the annual CEM in Telecoms Global Summit in London, UK. Tesco Mobile’s Recipe for Growing the Base Estelle Levacher, Customer Experience & Proposition Manager at Tesco Mobile, spoke
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January 23, 2017 by Annette Franz
Use Customer Journey Maps
CX expert and blogger Annette Franz highlights the importance of mapping customer journeys as part of the wider customer experience strategy. Have you started journey mapping yet? Or are you still wondering why it's an important tool to have in your customer experience management toolbox? I've written and talked about journey mapping
January 18, 2017 by
Air Berlin Customer Contact Journey
Air Berlin is Germany's second largest airline. They currently work with a number of outsourcing partners, and are amid an important transformation process. Through the implementation of new technologies and processes, the airline will improve customer interactions and make their contact centre landscape leaner and smarter. Customer Contact
January 11, 2017 by Jonathon Little
Data Law
Jonathon Little, Partner at Jones Day, talks about what changing data Protection laws mean for global customer experience and insight professionals. 2016 has been a big year for data privacy. After more than four years of consideration, the EU has implemented a fundamental review of its data protection laws. Consequently, an updated regime will
Tags: data | law | regulation
January 9, 2017 by Paul Sands
Customer Experience 2017: Phygital Goes Mainstream
Paul Sands, Director of Retail Development and Customer Experience at Bang and Olufsen and a CX Network Advisory Board member, predicts that one of the biggest trends for CX in 2017 is that ‘phygital’ will become more mainstream. It’s a buzzword so contrived it might make you itch, but one that we had all better get used to. Phygital refers to a
January 2, 2017 by Ian Miller
7 Tips for Delivering Customer Service Excellence
Can your company or organisation really deliver excellence to your customers? Now, more than ever is the time to try. Customer service excellence is nowhere near as challenging as people think, but an alarming number of companies don’t bother worrying about it. They either don’t understand how greatly it affects their profits, or they just don’t
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