Financial Services
Contributor: Richard DeSilva
Posted: 04/28/2016
It probably goes without saying that improving customer satisfaction is a challenge for any business. From delivering consistency across all channels, to keeping up with a rapid pace of technological change and an increasingly demanding customer base, the road to transformation can appear daunting to most. But as the upcoming CX Insurance event wi Full Article »
Posted: 10/11/2016
AXA Innovation Foresight Customer Experience
Jenifer Watkins is the Global Head of Customer Innovation & Foresight at AXA. In an interview at the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services US she spoke about:Why it is important for customer organisations that prioritise CX to focus on innovation & foresightHow organisations can deliver a seamless customer experience across al Full Video »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: 03/06/2016
CX Leaders
Interview with the Customer Service Director at FinTech company Euroloan Group about optimising call centre outsourcing, employee engagement, and customer complaint management.Petra Mengelt is the Customer Service Director at Euroloan Group PLC where she is an advocate of involving all organisational layers to participate in customer experience. Full Podcast »
Contributor: Richard DeSilva
Posted: 05/16/2016
financial services
The Nordic financial industry has awoken to the importance of customer experience being the key competitive differentiator. As with the global industry, the region has seen increased commoditisation around the consumer-side of the product, increased realisation that customers are becoming more fluent with their understanding of the financial produ Full Whitepaper »