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CEM 2019: View the Event Guide

Australia's #1 CX event, the 12th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit 2019 is set to return on the 27th - 28th of May at the Sofitel Wentworth, Sydney. This will be your exclusive opportunity to:

  • Network with over 100+ CX experts including USAA, Vodafone, Atlassian, Accor Hotels, Australia Post, Lush Cosmetics, Princess Cruises, Australian Red Cross, Pizza Hut Asia Pacific, Service Victoria, Stylizen, Guide Dogs ACT/NSW, NRMA, Sydney Metro, ATO and many more!
  • Personalise your experience by splitting the 2 day conference into 8 new streams by job function and industry,
  • Learn practical strategies from over 40+ case studies from Service NSW, Carlton and United Breweries, MetLife, USAA, Origin LPG, UniSuper, InfraCo-Telstra Wholesale, Atlassian, Accor Hotels, and more,
  • Hear answers to your pressing questions including "How do I respond and deliver on changing customer needs?" and "How do I develop an experience which drives customers retention?" to name a few,
  • Get inside access ...

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Customer Experience Predictions for 2019

Customers no longer merely judge an experience they have with a brand based on the industry the outfit is from. Now, they benchmark the encounter against all of the “wow” moments they have ever received from any business. Ahead of the Customer Experience Management Summit 2019 we take a look back ...

Customer Experience Management 2019 - Business Case

Need some convincing on the benefits of attending?The 12th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit is Australia’s leading and longest running gathering of leaders driving the CX agenda for their organisations. Download the business case now for a snippet of what you can expect in 2019 ...

How Customer Insights and Employee Feedback have made LUSH Innovative CX Retailer of the Year

Ahead of the Customer Experience Management Summit 2019 we chat to Emma Brady, Customer Experience Manager at Cosmetic company, LUSH. Emma shares how LUSH has created superior customer experiences through a focus on shared passions and engaged employees.  

Let's Talk About CX: An Indepth Conversation About All Things CX

Forrester has predicted that by 2020 CX will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Satisfying the customer is no longer enough. Regardless of your industry your customer experience is now being compared to those provided by the likes of Uber, Amazon and Net ...

Defining Digital: How marketing and CX leaders are defining the evolving digital experience space

Driving a transformation in all customer behaviours is digital disruption and innovation that is pushing customers online. This is felt especially in the financial services sector where footfall in bricks and mortar branches is steadily decreasing and the desire for omni-channel ...

The Changing Face of the Financial Services Customer

Ahead of the Customer Experience Management Summit 2019 we share with you insights from our USA sister event. CEM USA have have conducted extensive market research to help you make better decisions when developing your customer strategy, with the aim of delivering a great experience with the prof ...

Spotlight Interview with Pizza Hut's Chief Customer Officer: Harnessing Customer Insights to Aid Innovation, Drive Retention and Encourage Business Growth

Named one of the most influential brands in the world by UK-based Richtopia in 2018, it’s pretty safe to say that, if not everyone, at least the majority, have heard of Pizza Hut – maybe even eaten there. The global brand - operating in countries from El Sa ...

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How DBS Bank is using human centred design principles to create an exceptional customer experience

In this article, Raju Nair, Executive Director, Head of Customer Journey Design at DBS Bank, explores some of the biggest hurdles that stop companies from truly understanding their customers and the strategies they can use to successfully create and implement customer journey mapping in order to create a seamless customer experience.

5 ways Coles is creating a seamless digital customer experience

In this article,  Stuart Freer, GM Digital IT and User Experience at Coles, shares 5 essential steps Coles is taking to deliver a seamless omni-channel experience and the core lessons other organisations can learn from their customer experience journey to date.

Using data to build a meaningful customer experience: In the spotlight with Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics, Google (US)

In this article, Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics at Google (US) shares how you can make start to truly engage your customers through effective data capture and measurement techniques and the types of tools Google is using to achieve this in an increasingly connected and customer-dominated environment.

A back to basics approach to CX success: how Wyndham Hotels is creating memorable and personable experiences for customers

In this case study, Adam Geneave, Vice President of Customer Experience at Wyndham Resorts shares how he is leading a back to basics approach to create a seamless customer experience and the types of strategies his team is using to translate customer feedback into actionable solutions.

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2018 CEM Post Show Report

Didn't get a chance to attend CEM in 2018? Or just want to review some of the highlights and recap what went down at the event? The post show report from the 2018 Customer Experience Management has just been released. Make sure you get your copy to see who attended, testimonials,...



A customer’s experience with a brand will at one point hit a make-or-break moment; it’s inevitable.The question is - are you aware of when these moments of truth occur and are you able to influence them for the better? In these situations, knowledge of your customer and their needs and...


Modern Customer Engagement Imperatives through Digital & AI

In this past presentation from Customer Experience Management 2019, Adrian Pok, Technical Sales Director, Global Black Belts, Microsoft explores: customer experience as a key brand differentiator and the use of AI and digital to deliver better ways to delight customershow Microsoft are breaking down traditional application silosthe new generation of...

How Nordstrom Has Made It’s Name Synonymous With Customer Service Through Staff Empowerment

In this past presentation from CEM 2018, Jyoti Shukla, Vice President of User Experience, Nordstrom (USA) explores: Empowering sales teams to listen, connect and provide exceptionalcustomer service at every given pointThe transformation of the role of the instore salesperson to a digital entrepreneur/strategic leader Identifying key employee traits from different disciplines throughout...

Offshore Airports Customer Service Fundamentals

In this past presentation from Customer Experience Management 2018, Simon Jobson, Human Resources Manager, Qantas explores: Mega trends impacting customer experienceAttributes that drive customer satisfactionKey customer service strategies utilized to reduce negative customer experiences

eHealth’s Journey to Improve Customer Experience

 In this presentation from CEM 2018, Michael Berndt, Chief Customer Experience Officer, eHealth Queensland explores: an overarching Service Delivery Excellence Program to transform service delivery capabilityutilising AI and digital integration to make big gains in ICT health service delivery – smarter service solutions, lower costs, in addition to more responsive and better...

CEM Presentation Pack

To start your 2019 right, you can explore a selection of exclusive presentations to see what you can expect at this year's upcoming event.You'll get 50+ pages covering modern customer engagement imperatives through digital & AI and how to improve customer service through staff empowerment.

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What the modern gig economy is doing to customer experience

Most marketing theory was established in the context of stable employment relationships. From front-line staff to marketing strategists and brand managers, employees generally enjoyed job security with classic benefits such as superannuation plans, stable income streams, employment rights, training, sabbaticals and long-service leave. Such stable environments were associated with a...

Is your customer experience program having the right impact?

We are in the age of the customer. It’s now widely acknowledged that companies that prioritise the experience for their customers, can deliver better benefits for everyone. So why isn’t every company hyper-focused on delivering great customer experience? And if businesses have a dedicated program in place, how can they...

Panel: How emerging technologies are reshaping customer experience management

Growing volumes of data generated through emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice interaction and mixed reality could see consumers outsourcing their own identity management as the very nature of value-driven exchange between brand and consumer transforms. The impact of emerging technologies on customer experience was a key topic discussed...

Customer Experience Is The New Brand

The race to own customer experience is on! Companies are recognizing the importance of delivering an experience that makes them stand out from their competition. Some are learning the hard way. Last year United Airlines had a brand crisis, in which $1.4 billion in value was wiped out overnight when...