Michael Dart

Executive General Manager – Customer Energy QLD

Hybrid Day Two: Thursday, 20 May 2021

Thursday, May 20th, 2021

3:10 PM Never Taking Customers For Granted: Recognising Future Trends and Business Risk if CX Does Not Remain Priority

This session, led by Energy Queensland’s Michael Dart, will delve into the importance customer experience plays today in the energy market, even for government-based organisations.

By focusing strongly on customer experience initiatives, Energy QLD have been able to remain one step ahead of future competition and drive more efficient services across the wider organisation.

  • Reframing customer propositions to ensure customer communication remains clear amongst shifting company strategies
  • Reducing the number of touchpoints to ensure customers know who to contact when they have an enquiry 
  • Never remaining stagnant: Using CX to drive future competition in order to compete in the marketplace
  • Redefining the gap between customer, energy retail and government entities when assessing communication strategies