Are You Ready? CEM 2020 is Coming...

Are You Ready? CEM 2020 is Coming...

By: Miki Gaddes

Do a little dance and throw your hands in the air because the program you've been waiting for is finally here! On behalf of the CX Network Australia, I am SUPER excited to present to you the official program for the 13th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit 2020!

As I'm sure you've seen - since CEM 2019 we have not taken our foot of the pedal. We know CX leaders are working hard to adapt their customer experience practices to the 21st century, grappling with the challenges of security risks; organisational resistance; brand differentiation; personalisation; and customer retention. That's why it's never been a more important time to bring together CX leaders from across the country and the seas at Australia's largest and longest running Customer Experience event!

Back bigger and better than ever, CEM2020 will be hosting 26+ Expert Case Studies, 80% New Speakers, 6 CX Leader Streams, and a brand new invite-only CCO Boardroom.

As we count down to the biggest CX event in Australia - we'll be using this space to share everything speaker, content, and topic related - as well as things we think you might like!

So get your party shoes on CX-ers, and let's dance!