As Asia’s competitive landscape heats up, organisations across the region are aggressively investing in customer experience (CX) technologies to optimise customer engagement and interactions.

More specifically, they are keen to evaluate solutions to assess the fit with their CX programmes and strategise effective execution to maximise CX ROI.

As the market continues to mature, getting in front of the right company and the right person, at the right time becomes ever more complex. That’s where Customer Experience Asia - Asia's #1 CX event - comes in.

Each year, Heads of CX, Digital Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Customer Insights and Loyalty from across the region attend to decide next step in their CX roadmap – whether it is strategy brainstorming, evaluating the latest CX solutions or simply finding out what’s available in the market.

"We’ve had great connections across multiple verticals…We know what’s important to people now, we know what the hot topics are, we know what other people are talking about in the industry"

"The event’s been really good for us, primarily because the people that we’ve worked with at IQPC have actually taken the time, to help us meet the people that we wanted to meet”

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