Themes at the Exchange

In the age where customers share their personal experiences on a global scale, speak in hashtags, base their purchasing decisions on the word-of-mouth of strangers, and are interacting with businesses across more channels than ever before, how do you not only keep up, but differentiate yourself online and offline?

We asked this question to over 60 CXOs, VPs and Directors of Customer Experience from leaders in the industry such as Thomas Cook, Air France, Expedia, Hilton, SAS and Carnival UK to create a networking strategy meeting created by CX executives FOR CX exectives, exclusively in travel & hospitality. 

The expert speaker panel at this year's Exchange will be addressing these topics throughtransformation case studies, interactive panels and engaging roundtable discussions:


Turning customer data into actionable data: As Aristotle once said 'The more you know, the more you know you don't know.' Similarly, the more you know what your customers are thinking and how they are behaving, the more aware you become of what areas need improving and should therefore be key to transforming your organisation from operationally-based to customer-based. But with GDPR coming into effect next summer - what does this mean for your customer data strategy? Have you implemented the necessary strategy changes to ensure that you are still getting the most relevant and individualised information to your customer base at the right time? 


Implementing the right technologies in the right places: With more channels than ever before being used to research and book travel plans, there's no better time to be investing in your digital capabilities. But which part of the customer journey do digital investments return the best experience and return on investment? From machine learning to AI to social media management and voice analytics - find out where the best ROI has come from for your peers.

Innovation - how to implement the mindset and skills needed to stay competitive: There's no doubt about it, this industry is full of disruptor brands that are winning the hearts of the millennial traveller. How can a brand with legacy systems and thinking compete with new-comers such as Uber, Lyft, HotelTonight, Airbnb, Deliveroo - all of whom are working closely with us on the Exchange? Learn more about the vision of the future of travel of these challenger brands and discover how you too can implement their thinking in your organisation.  

Creating memorable moments: By using customer data to tailor experiences based on the preferences and lifestyles of each traveller or holidaymaker, the more likely you are to get your message across at the right time. When you can deliver a "wow" moment, face-to-face or digitally, you're winning not just the customers' mind, but also their heart.


Securing increased direct bookings: The millennial customers want all the information available to them, across any channel, anywhere and at any time. The online model of OTAs has made this much easier for customers to achieve the package they want, often at the price they want. Discover how travel agents and digital pureplays are delivering seamless experiences that attract your customers' attention. Not only this, we'll be discussing just how we can create more symbiotic relationships with OTAs across the industry. 


Gaining Customer Loyalty: It's time to change the mindset that it's all about the points. With each and every interaction that you have with your customer you are gaining (or losing) a chance for them to return to your business. What are you doing to ensure that they feel that your loyalty program matches your brand's value proposition? 


Transforming employees into brand ambassadors: Whether staff are customer-facing or not, it is vital to understand that those who deliver experiences actually make up a great deal of the experience when a customer is traveling, often in a foreign place. Making sure that your products and services are reflecting the needs of the customer, while also exceeding expectations and retaining that "personal" touch in a digitised world is crucial to engaging your customer on an emotional and long-term, level.

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