Lottie Knutson

Lecturer, Travel Expert, Influencer and Former Communications Director Fritidsresor

Lottie Knutson is probably the best known travel personality in Sweden. She was Marketing and Communications Director of TUI Nordic until 2014 and is trusted by and known to most Swedes as a travel expert and spokesperson for the industry.

Lottie became a public figure during the tsunami crisis of 2004, in which her former company had a large proportion of the affected Nordic customers in Thailand. She received several awards for this, including a gold medal, The Serafim Order, from His Majesty the King of Sweden.

Today, Lottie Knutson is a freelance writer, advisor, travel influencer and (not professional, but not too shabby) photographer.

Her topics are upmarket and/or personalized hotels and destinations. She often tries to cover subjects such as nature and endemic species, small scale producers of food and wine as well as authentic restaurants with a focus on local dishes and seasonal produce.

Lottie looks for the personal touch, and hears sharable stories in the hotels and destinations she visits. Snorkelling is her main interest, no matter where on earth.

1.      Lottie has her own pages ”Lotties Värld” in Aftonbladet Resa with various updates from the travel and tourism industry. In parallel, she contributes with regular features in the same magazine, which is the travel supplement of Sweden’s largest daily paper, Aftonbladet.


2.      TV4: On a regular basis, Lottie features as the in-house travel expert on the morning TV show ”Nyhetsmorgon” on TV4, with her own angles and travel.



3.       Lottie has made part of the editorial team and works with the exclusive and high end Connoisseur Magazine http://www.connoisseurint.se/en/



4.     For several years, Lottie wrote for the the travel magazine Allt om Resor. http://www.expressen.se/allt-om-resor/lottie-knutson-sa-packar-du-ratt-och-latt/


5.     She has her own travel blog in English, www.lottiesworld.com

6.     Lottie also hosts a travel community on Facebook: Lottie’s World, with +11 000 followers worldwide. It has a very high engagement rate. https://www.facebook.com/Lotties-World-882600461760526/

7.     Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lottieknutson/

8.     She has also done more than 35 web-TV shows on travel. http://www.expressen.se/tv/livsstil/allt-om-resor/lottie-knutson-guidar-till-parlorna-i-ljuvliga-provence/

http://www.expressen.se/tv/livsstil/allt-om-resor/lottie-knutsons-basta-tips-till-split-     -brac/ 

9.     Lottie Knutson is also a non-executive director on several boards of directors, including Stena Line BV, Alpresor, Scandic, Swedavia and Cloetta.

10.  In parallel, Lottie has written a book on fast change and crisis management, and lectures on the subject.


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