16 - 17 June, 2020 | Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

New Age Conversational Experience to Enhance Customer Engagement, Market Outreach & Operational Efficiency

Digital channels have now emerged as the preferred choice for many of Asia’s consumers when it comes to interacting and engaging with brands. In this new age of customer engagement, Chatbot will be the game-changer in transforming customer experience, service excellence, marketing and sales.
Returning from the successful launch last June, the 2nd Annual Intelligent Chatbots Summit will convene Chatbot practitioners to explore key themes on ‘Business Synergies & ValueCreation’,  ‘Chatbot ROI & Performance’,  ‘Continuous Improvement Initiatives’,  ‘Building Intelligent Bots’, ‘Chatbot Adoption & Utilisation’,  ‘Chatbot User Experience & Design’ and ‘Monetising Chatbots’ . Attend this 2-days program focused specifically on chatbots to get inspired and networknwith like-minded peers!

Featured Speakers 2019 Included

Key Themes for Intelligent Chatbots Summit 2019:

Business Synergies & Value Creation

Chatbot Adoption & Utilisation

Chatbot ROI & Performance

Chatbot User Experience & Design

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Monetising Chatbots

Building Intelligent Bots

Why Attend Intelligent Chatbots Summit 2019?

Your A-Z guide on Chatbot implementation in Asia: From assessing ROI to ensuring successful chatbot development and execution in your organisation

Learn and benchmark with Chatbot leaders who have been there, done that!

Discover how you can advance your Chatbot with AI, sentiment analysis and through continuous improvement initiatives such as scenarios building

Hear how you can monetise Chatbot in the areas of marketing outreach, sales, customer engagement and internal operations

Network with the region’s leading Chatbot practitioners to improve your organisation’s Chatbot strategy