In the wake of Covid-19’s effect across all industries during 2020, it is vital to sustain the growing need for seamless digital interactions between organisations, their employees, and their customers. Leaders are required to take a step back and evolve their strategies to retain customers and maintain operational productivity.

With the unexpected having taken most businesses by surprise, transformation driven by uncertainty and a need for business continuity has become crucial to driving sustainable models, and a chatbot implemented correctly could deliver tremendous business value and support. However, if not managed well, the negative impact on branding, customer satisfaction and loyalty could have serious repercussions during such trying times.

With that in mind, we are hosting a virtual webinar to showcase key learnings on chatbot fundamentals and deployment, driving customer loyalty and enterprise productivity.

Join us at the Intelligent Chatbots Virtual on 21 Jan 2021!

Key Themes for Intelligent Chatbots Online Event 2020:

Capturing Business Value and Opportunities through Chatbots  

Optimising Chatbots to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Developing Sustainable and Commercially Viable Chatbot Projects

Enhancing Internal Enterprise Communications, Productivity and Efficiency

Creating Truly Intelligent Chatbots with Cognitive Capabilities

Integrating and Positioning Chatbots as a Strong Pillar of your Digital Marketing Strategy

2020 Speakers Include:

Who You Will Meet?

Heads, MDs, Senior Executives with key responsibilities in:

Contact Centre/ Customer Service/ CRM/ CX

Technology/ IT

Digital Experience and Strategy

Services Quality / Delivery


Product Development