Design Thinking for Innovation, Growth and Competitive Advantage

Design Thinking Asia | 4 - 5 December 2018 | Singapore

Design Thinking as a concept has been in practice for a long time and over the years it has been modified, merged with other methodologies and customised for nearly every conceivable niche or problem. 

Diagram: Process for Design Thinking

Changes in business leadership are transforming the way companies solve problems by putting human-centricity at the core of their business strategy. The immense value design thinking offers in-terms of increased customer satisfaction, business efficiency and competitive advantage are widely recognised with 75% of organisations self-reporting that they are engaged in design thinking*(Source: Parsons New School).

Key concerns facing by many companies include:

  • How can companies overcome barriers and risk aversion to a human-centric culture?
  • What are the obstacles to implementing design-led solutions for consumers?
  • Can you ensure scalability and sustainability of a design thinking across the entire business?
  • How to create the right balance between design thinking and technology?
  • What are the strategies for measuring outcomes and ROI for design-led solutions?

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Design Thinking

Digital transformation is reinventing business practices worldwide as companies are turning towards technologies to improve operational capabilities, build brand loyalty and remain competitive. The transition from business-as-usual to digital-first, however, is no easy task. This is where design thinking comes in to ensure that the people element remains an integral part of the change. 

Tailored around the importance of blending technology with human-centricity, Design Thinking Asia will provide valuable insight on the challenges, opportunities and strategies involved in implementing a human-led digital transformation. Plus, hear from Asia’s leading design thinkers and innovators as they share their projects and experiences.

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Design-led Strategies and Solutions for Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage