Harnessing the Power of Human-Centred Design to Drive Business Innovation & Growth

Design thinking as an approach is constantly evolving in response to technological disruption, changing consumer behaviours and market conditions; prompting companies to seek out new strategies and solutions to stay ahead of the game.

The 2nd Annual Design Thinking Asia Summit will gather the top minds across industries to discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding design thinking and how it can be successfully implemented to further innovation and business competitiveness.

Featured Speakers This Year Include:

Key Themes for Design Thinking Asia 2019:


Design Thinking for Business Growth: Steering Innovation and Achieving Value-Added Outcomes


Accelerating Go-to-Market Product Development with Design-Thinking


Re-inventing Customer Experience and Service Designs in a Meaningful Way


Establishing the Foundation for a Design Thinking-Obsessed Organisation


Using Design Thinking to Capture Customer Insights and Uncover Business Opportunities


ROI, Agile Implementation & How to Scale


Design-Led Work and Productivity Transformation

Why Attend Design Thinking Asia 2019?

Discover how you can leverage design thinking to drive change and business growth in your organisation

Find out how you can enhance product and service design improvements with design thinking

Learn how to translate insights from design thinking into actionable business strategy across product, marketing, customer experience and sales!

Be inspired by practical case studies on utilising design thinking in the areas of product and service designs, productivity transformation, brand and marketing

Empower cross-functional collaboration with a human-centred design environment

Network with design thinking leaders across multiple industries to advance your design thinking program



Miami, FL