Adapt To Survive - How Retail Banks are Adapting to Fintech Disruption

Alternative lending models are transforming the banking sector, creating both competitive threats and evolutionary opportunities for financial institutions in Asia. But with an estimated 4,000 firms challenging banks in every product line, the level of disruption facing the financial industry has reached a tipping point.

Read this article to discover more on how the retail banks are adapting to fintech disruption.

How The Financial Services Can Change in the Age of the Customer

How the Indonesian Financial Services Can Improve Customer Experience

The digital economy is quickly booming in Indonesia. Banks and insurance companies are continuously striving to stay ahead of the curve. In this whitepaper we explore the maturity of the market, what Indonesia banks and insurance companies can learn from the industry in regard to customer experience strategy and what technology is being implemented.

Find out:

  • What the ride of fintechs means for the industry
  • How to deliver above and beyond for your customers
  • How banks and insurance companies are using technology for innovative results

Customer Experience Strategies to Win Customers in the Indonesian Financial Services

Why These Customer Experience Strategies Are Winning Customers

Indonesia’s financial services landscape is in the early phases of digital transformation in comparison to their peers in neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia. However there are those who are successfully implementing customer experience strategies to win their customers. Find out how the following organisations are approaching CX. 

  • Bank BRI
  • Bank Central Asia
  • FWD LIfe
  • DBS

Data to Insight to Action: Driving exceptional B2B Customer Experience

Data to Insight to Action: Driving exceptional B2B Customer Experience

David Oliver, Director of Client Insight, Aon


Enabling The Transition Into A Customer-centric, Digital Enterprise

Ajay Mathur, Vice President Director, PT Bank ANZ Indonesia