View The Agenda | CEM in Telecoms Americas

View The Agenda | CEM in Telecoms Americas
June 18th-19th, Washington DC, USA

Key highlights to be addressed at the conference this year: 
  • Increase data liquidity and put data to best use to help you advance customer product and service offerings
  • Enhance digital mobility to reduce customer effort and frustration, giving customers control and flexibility over interacting with your brand
  • Prepare your CX for the times of 5G and the opportunities it brings, together with promises you will have to deliver
  • Leverage content like never before to increase customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Move from personalization analytics to predictive analytics to power decision making. 

We will be happy to send you a copy of the full 2019 programme, when it is available, simply contact or call +44 (0)207 036 1300 for more information. 

Who attends CEM in Telecoms Americas: 

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