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Media Partners

Profo Media

As an industry professional, we value your expertise and insights and we are aware that your professional experience could benefit others, with that being said in partnership with ProfoMedia we invite you to share with the wider community your views in an Article (3 – 4 pages). Profo Media will... Read More


Our mission is to ensure that that the magazine continues to offer a space in print to showcase the very best work in design as well as a platform for the debate and discussion of the issues that matter to the industry.Featuring the work of consultancies and design teams worldwide,... Read More

The Business Transformation Network

The Business Transformation Network is a thought leadership network which has the aim of becoming the ‘World’s Home for Business Transformation’. The network allows experts in their field to showcase their knowledge through the dissemination of ideas through online video content, articles, events and webinars.As businesses go through difficult periods... Read More

CX Network

At the CX Network you can share ideas, best practice and solutions for those in the market who have the greatest customer experience and management challenges. Through online offerings you can ensure your brand is exposed to high level decision makers who have a need for solutions like yours. We... Read More