Connecting Citizens to Services in the 21st Century

We are facing a citizen-centric revolution in the government interactions with the public. Evolution in how public officials go about their daily business of service has become the core pillar of this citizen experience revolution. Demand for changes in service delivery, either by call centers, web portals, and in-person interaction, has caused the government to adapt and improve their processes.  From local to federal, administration leaders are rethinking and recreating what their mission delivery should be to keep pace with citizen expectations of interaction.

IDGA is proud to present the Inaugural CX for Government Conference July 29th and July 31st, in Washington DC. This inaugural event will feature 20+ speakers from across all levels of government who will discus the core innovations needed to create a government that puts the citizen at the center of government service, policy, technology and communication. Specifically we will be looking at:

  • Journey Mapping
  • Web Service Portals
  • Contact Center Technology
  • Omni-Channel Accessibility
  • Open Data and Self Service Options
  • Culture and Talent

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Why Attend?

Arm yourself with the best technology and Human Capitol strategies to achieve a citizen-centric mission by attending the dedicated focus day

Perfect the journey map to execute optimum citizen service and deliver constituent satisfaction

Hear first hand accounts about how agencies are increasing constituent satisfaction to help drive your own journey.

15+ hours of presentations on critical issues and solutions in the citizen-centric government space

6+ hours of networking for officials on all levels of government.

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