Are you a EX leader?

Companies that invest in employee experience have been proven to be four times more profitable than those that don’t. Now at a time where competitive edge is more critical than ever, we are witnessing a consistent trend, as those with 1.5 more engaged employees excel in their CX. By developing united strategies, a clear growth is being achieved by market leaders, so we are asking…

Are you optimising the collaboration of CX and EX teams to engage and retain your best talent?

Are you a CX leader?

At a time where 89% of companies still expect to compete primarily on customer experience, we are seeing these fall behind within highly competitive markets, to those that recognise the need for collaboration with their internal EX teams. As we see that those with engagement scores in the top 25% have 10% stronger customer metrics across the board, with the current market demonstrating this, we are asking…

Are you working with your EX teams to drive stronger CX by engaging your in-house teams?

Join us to futureproof your business through real-life case studies from Nordic’s leading businesses including Nokia, Finnair, Twitter on how they have collaborated with their EX and CX departments, initiatives and strategies to drive clear ROI, engagement and competitive advantage within the Nordic market.

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2019 Speakers Include:

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Join leaders from the biggest Nordic brands to gain insights on:

Discover how to achieve a seamless and user-friendly vision across all channels for the ultimate multi-channel experience. Encompass the needs of both customers and employees to drive a cohesive vision.

Find out how to measure the success of both your customer experience and employee experience strategy to ensure continued improvement, engagement and truly unique experience.

Learn how to utilise customer data to create a more personalised and competitive experience for your customers. Also to map out the employee journey to retain your best talent to drive great CX.

Learn how to be cost-efficient and deliver a great CX through digitalisation and automation whilst maintaining engagement of your employees at the heart

Determine the best ways to achieve a unified vision for the employee experience first, to then focus on driving a unique customer experience that is clearly communicated both internally and externally

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